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About WiPhyLoc8

High accuracy indoor location is is vital for next generation indoor navigation, network security, emergency evacuation and commercial services. The objective of the WiPhyLoc8 project is to perform innovative research on new transformative algorithms for high-precision indoor localization services using low-cost WiFi technology. Features of the Physical Layer RF signal will be exploited to improve accuracy and enhance positioning robustness. The project connects researchers from Rice University (Houston, USA), University College Dublin (Republic of Ireland), and Queen's University, Belfast (Northern Ireland). These teams bring complementary expertise to the project in terms of localization algorithms, baseband and FPGA processing architectures, WiFi Physical Layer networking and localization applications. The project is funded by the National Science Founation (USA), Science Foundation Ireland (Republic of Ireland) and Department for Employment and Learning (Northern Ireland).

Project Partners

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Funding Agencies

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